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Driving and Dizziness

One of the discussions at the 2nd VSG was how vestibular disorders can impair one’s ability to drive. Of course, everyone doesn’t fall into this category, but it happens enough to cause some frustration amongst VSG members.

Driving in dense traffic, on highways, or during the night or in heavy rain may result in an increase in symptoms due to the high level of external stimuli trying to reach the brain at once. Additionally, turning one’s head to park the car or turning to check for cars before changing a lane may also lead to feelings of dizziness in vestibular disorder sufferers. Impairment of one’s ability to sense movement can cause serious problems while trying to operate a car. Physicians can advise patients whether they should stop driving until their symptoms are gone.

One case study I found while searching the web gave a couple great Q&A’s, including how vestibular disoders affect driving, which vestibular disorders in particular affect driving, and how to assess your ability to drive. Q&A starts at the bottom of Page 369:,M1