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Clinical Balance Disorder Testing

One of my favorite pieces of equipment used at our office to test and treat vestibular disorders is the Balance Quest machine. Besides the fact that it looks very cool and high-tech (and it is!), it uses technology to mimic every day occurrences that disturb sensory information trying to reach your brain.

Balance Quest - Micromedical

Balance Quest is like a virtual reality game. We put virtual environment goggles on each patient and have them stand on a static platform. The platform will become floating once each timed interval begins. During each interval you will be asked to locate and hit a certain target seen in your goggles – to hit the target you will move the floating platform by leaning in any number of 6 degrees of freedom (ie. forward, backward, up, down). The results of how long it takes for you to hit these targets as well as other pertinent information is scored for accuracy.

Although it is fun and game-like, Balance Quest ultimately measures every movement and sway that your body makes to hit the target. The machine processes these movements and determines how the central nervous system reacts to disturbances in the incoming sensory information. As you progress with your treatment, the targets can be changed to increase in difficulty.

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