Say this five times fast: Saccadic Fixator

One of the machines that we use in our office for most of our vestibular patients is the Wayne Saccadic Fixator. This machine is placed on the wall and consists of three concentric circles of 33 lights.
Wayne Saccadic Flexor

Wayne Saccadic Flexor

The term “saccadic” is defined as a fast movement of the eye. This machine works on eye-hand coordination, reaction times, and spatial integration – which is the most important thing for individuals with vestibular disorders.

When turned on, the flashing lights will randomly illuminate as the touch-sensitive lights are pressed. In addition to the flashing light, we have the patients stand on a balance platform, the Kinetic Awareness Trainer, to additionally work on their balance. Not only does the Saccadic Fixator train your brain, it will strengthen your lower body as well!

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