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Visiting your Vestibular Disorders Doctor

At our support group we often hear our vestibular disorder sufferers discuss the difficulties that they faced during initial visits to doctors or healthcare providers. Often times doctors are unaware of vestibular disorders and qualify the symptoms as other disorders.

The below steps may seem like a long list, but after listening to the frustrations that some of our support group members dealt with, it may be well worth going through at least Steps 1, 2 and 7.

Step 1) See an ear and throat doctor first if you suspect that you may have symptoms of vestibular disorders (For Symptoms: Most of these type illnesses originate in the head and neck regions, so before seeking treatment you first can get a definite diagnosis from an ENT.

Step 2) Visit a neurologist who specializes in various diagnosis approaches to vestibular disorders. He/she can determine if there is a specific brain cause of the disorder rather than an ear or throat link.

Step 3) Contact an eye doctor and/or neuro-ophthalmologists to ensure that there may not be a defect in the eye and brain connection that is worsening your vision, thus causing balance problems.

Step 4) Detect emotional or mental problems causing vestibular disorders by visiting a psychologist…The psychologist can run tests and provide therapy…Visit a psychiatrist to take a medicinal instead of sometimes more risky surgical avenue.

Step 5) Determine if a hearing difficulty is not the specific cause of any diagnosed vestibular disorder. An audiologist can administer a test to detect any hearing impairment that may be causing a physical imbalance.

Step 6) Make an appointment with a neurotologist. The neurotologist gives more specific information on the origins of the disorder and what course of action needs to be taken.

Step 7) Communicate to a physical therapist any pain you may be suffering from as a result of any treatment for vestibular disorders. They can…rehabilitate a disorder sufferer as well as reduce any pain.