The Inner Ear

The Ear

The Ear

The ear consists of the outer ear, which collects and directs soundwaves into the middle ear. The middle ear collects these soundwaves and transforms them into vibrations which are passed into the inner ear. The inner ear propogates these vibrations, in the cochlea, as waves in fluid and membranes, and transmits them as nerve impulses that are transmitted to the brain through the auditory nerve.(1)
Inner Ear

Inner Ear

This inner ear, or bony labyrinth, consists of the cochlea (which transmits soundwaves to the nerve impulse to be transmitted to the brain) and the vestibular system. The vestibular system controls an individual’s balance and is comprised of three semicircular canals and the otoliths (utricle and saccule). The semicircular canals detect rotational movement while the otoliths detect linear movements. (2)

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