20 Things to NOT Say to an Ill Person

20 Things to NOT 120px-SlashCircle_svgSay to an Ill Person  

#1 – You look so good today! 

#2 – You just need to get out of the house more

#3 – If you stop thinking about it, the pain will go away

#4 – You should just pray harder

#5 – You must not want to get better if you won’t try this

#6 – When I was your age I didn’t have the luxury of being sick

#7 – You’re sick again??

#8 – I wish I could just sit around all day

#9 – No pain, no gain!

#10 – I’d be sick too if I saw doctors as much as you do

#11 – I have this juice that is working wonders…

#12 – You must still have sin in your life

#13 – If you got a job you’d have something else to think about

#14 – Your illness is caused by stress

#15 – You can’t be in that much pain. Maybe you just want attention

#16 – What have you done to make God so mad at you?

#17 – There are easier ways to get attention

#18 – It’s not good for your kids to always hear you whining

#19 – When are you going to get rid of that cane? 

#20 – I’m so glad to see you out and about feeling all better


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yikes! These are all very good points.. but what SHOULD I say then? Oh, by the way, I’m feeding your blog RSS through the CRAVE Chicago twitter account. For the next month, your blog posts will filter through as tweets listed like this “CRAVE Chicago reads: YOUR BLOG POST TITLE” 🙂


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