20 Things to Say to a Chronically Ill Friend

Since I posted the “20 Things to NOT Say to a Chronically Ill Friend”, Michele asked that I post what TO say to an ill friend.  

Another great post from the Invisible Illness Week.


#1 I don’t know what to say, but I care about you

#2 I’m going to the grocery, what can I get you?

#3 Do you just need to vent? I’m all ears!

#4 If you need a good cry, I’ve got plenty of tissues and a shoulder

#5 I really admire how you are handling this. I know its difficult.

#6 I’m bringing dinner Thursday. Do you want lasagna or chicken?

#7 Can I get your kids 4 a playdate? My kids R bored.

#8 I cant sit still. Got any laundry I can fold?

#9 What can I pray 4 you about that no one else is praying 4?

#10 Can I bring a few friends over 2 clean your house fast?

#11 I don’t have any idea what U R feeling, but I will always listen

#12 I saw these flowers & thought they’d cheer you 2day

#13 How can our church encourage those with chronic illness?

#14 Tell me what it is really like to be you for a day

#15 I made too much dinner for our family. Can I bring U some?

#16 U R amazing. How has your illness given you appreciation 4 life?

#17 Do U want me 2 come over while U wait 4 test results?

#18 U listen 2 me better than any other friend. Thanks

#19 I have Monday free if you need me 2 run some errands or take you

#20 Tell me about this God who gets U thru 1 more day?



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