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Forums: Pour Your Hearts Out

I have been toying with the idea of starting a vestibular disorder forum where our readers can ask questions and meet other individuals dealing with their disorders. Until then, here are some forums that may be able to help.

Vertigo:  dizziness

1) Dizziness & Vertigo Forum at Daily Strength:

2) Vertigo Forum on Topix:

3) Vertigo Forum on MedHelp:

4) Vertigo Forum on Neurology Channel:

Vestibular Disorder:

1) Dizzy Lounge Inner Ear & Vestibular Support Group:

Chronic Illness:

1) But You Don’t Look Sick Forum:

2) Chronic Babe Forum:

Meniere’s Disease:

1) Meniere’s Talk Forums:

2) You Are Not Alone Meniere’s Forum:

3) Meniere’s Support Forum: