Holiday Shopping and Dizziness

Most people with dizziness and balance disorders have a difficult time going into large stores like WalMart, Target, Ikea because of the overload on your senses. Marketers in these stores place items by color and in specific areas to catch people’s eyes.

If you have trouble getting through a supermarket or a busy store, take resting breaks. Go to the bathroom and rest for a few minutes until your symptoms subside – it will make your trip a whole lot longer but will be beneficial for you in the end.

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  1. How does one deal with family that just don’t understand that this is a serious trigger? My husband totally gets it and tries to help me get out of the situation before it gets worse but the rest of my family think I’m making it up and that I’m just being stupid. Is there a way to explain the problem in terms that they’ll understand? I can’t seem to find any 😦


  2. Posted by balancechicago on November 27, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Have you ever been to a support group? We have a number of people who bring their family members to our support group to better understand everything that our patients and vestibular disorder sufferers are going through. The family members always leave with new knowledge of the daily challenges people face.
    If not, send them to It has a ton of information that your family members can read and get a better understanding of the problems you face, especially concerning visual disturbances like those found in large shopping stores.
    Hope this helps!
    LifeStyle Physical Therapy & Balance Center


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