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Even Famous People Get Dizzy…

Famous People Reported to have Vertigo:

Alain Robert, rock and urban climber

LeBron James, Basketball Player

George Clinton, Music Artist

Richard Lugar, U.S. Senator

Nicolas Cage, Actor

Jeff Hackett, Hockey Player

David Duval, Professional golfer

Nick Esasky, Baseball Player

Alan Shepard, Mercury and Apollo Astronaut

Abraham Zapruder, recorded John F. Kennedy assassination

Philip K. Dick, Author

Janet Jackson, Musical Artist

Famous People Reported to have Tinnitus:

Vincent Van Gogh, Artist

Oscar Wilde, Author

Sylvester Stallone, Actor

William Shatner, Actor

David Letterman, Comedian

Ronald Reagan, Former President of the United States

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 18th-Century Political Philosopher

Charles Darwin

Famous People Reported to Have Meniere’s Disease:

Emily Dickinson, Poetess

Martin Luther, Inspired Protestant Reformation

Alan Shepard, First American in Space and Fifth Person to Walk on the moon

YOUR Vestibular Disorder Story!

This blog was designed to provide helpful resources for vestibular disorder sufferers and their supporters. We are always blogging about our experiences and our patient’s experiences or sharing a story that may be helpful to you…and now we want to hear from YOU about YOUR experiences.

When did you first experience your vestibular disorder, what were your symptoms, what were the emotional/physical tolls that the vestibular disorder took on your life? What types of treatments have you done and what has/has not worked? What support have you received? What type of support are you looking for?

Feel free to share as much/as little as you like in the comments section. Often times you will meet someone through a forum like this who has similar experiences as you! Email pals have formed through forums just like this one.

Help Prepare a Cookbook for Meniere’s Diets

One of the top treatments suggested for Meniere’s Disease is a diet with low-salt content. On one of the Meniere’s Disease forums, I found a fun project for anyone who would like to be involved. Meniere’s Resources (link provided below) is putting together a cookbook for those on low salt and gluten free diets.

If you have recipes, or would like to help out editing or putting together other aspects of the book, contact:,19208.0.html

Epley Maneuver…in Claymation

Just for fun!!!! 

Never thought I would see the epley maneuver for BPPV in claymation. But YouTube has everything!