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3 Things You Should Know About Vestibular Disorders

1. Vestibular Disorders Do Not Discriminate
Vestibular disorders can strike anyone. While the majority of vestibular disorder sufferers are middle aged and older, per my post yesterday, it can affect children as well. In our office we see individuals from all different cultures, backgrounds, socioeconomic groups, with one thing in common: they all want to get better!

2. Some Medications Hinder Natural Vestibular Compensation Process
When visiting a general practitioner for dizziness, 70% of patients receive a perscription for Meclizine. Meclizine, or Antivert, has been shown to actually hinder the natural compensation process (1). While medications are often used to initially reduce symptoms during vertigo episodes, Antiverts act as a sedative and actually delays the central nervous system, which can impede vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Meclizine has the effect on the central nervous system equal to blood alcohol levels of .04 to .06% (2).

3. Physical Therapy can Help!
Through the use of both highly technical machines like Balance Quest and simple exercises, physical therapy can help get you back on your feet and control the symptoms. At our office, over 90% of our patients experience a marked decrease in symptoms within 4-6 weeks. Therapy begins with simple exercises and the degree of difficulty will increase as therapy continues.