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Chicago Marathon 2010

Congrats to all of the Shamrock Shuffle finishers! This race was a little cold but much better conditions than last year’s storm.

Next stop – Chicago Marathon 2010!

Stop by for a free injury screen to check out those aches and pains before or during your training. We even have one of our own physical therapists running the marathon with you. We always welcome runners of all levels to come in to get screened. Call for your appointment: 773-525-5200.

Good Luck!

Although our blog is usually about vestibular disorders, we want to give a special shout out to our               img1                      Chicago 2009 Marathoners. We have a number of  runners we work with through the Imerman Angels, the Chicago Tri Club and the National Runaway Marathon Teams who will be running the 2009 Chicago Marathon this Sunday, October 11th.

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!