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Myths About Vertigo Dispelled

Myth #1: Relaxation will resolve anxiety-caused dizziness.

In fact, if a person with vertigo becomes anxious, it is actually easy to link anxiety to the presence of the vertigo.


Myth #2: Vertigo is all in your head because you have an overactive imagination.

In fact, vertigo is all in your head; however, probably not because of your imagination. The symptoms of dizziness and unsteady movement are quite real. Whether it is BPPV (brain) or Meniere’s (inner ear), the vertigo is spiraling from the area above the neck.

Myth #3: Vertigo is just part of the aging process.

In fact, age has very little, if nothing, to do with vertigo. There are a number of causes, but age is not one of them. Some causes include injury, degenerative issues and a litany of other medical problems. Dizziness is not normal at any age. It is a sign that something is wrong.

Myth #4: Vertigo comes from a hormone imbalance.

In fact, you could have a hormone imbalance due to any number of medical issues, but this imbalance rarely produces vertigo.


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