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Progress Report

The most satisfying part of working for a balance center is seeing the progress that each patient makes.

K. came to the balance center for severe dizziness and imbalance. Both of his inner ears had been affected – one ear suffered side effects after being injected with gentamicin for an ear infection and the other ear he had nerves sectioned through surgery.

During his initial consultation, K. discussed how he had become dependent upon family members to go anywhere around town because his balance was so poor and he was so uneasy on his feet. He was skeptical about vestibular therapy but felt it was his last hope of independent living.

Two months of therapy later, and consistently doing his home exercises, K. is taking the city bus to and from the center by himself. He is still a little wobbly from time to time but he has much better awareness and control of his surroundings. K. improves with every therapy session and his self confidence in public places has vastly improved.