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Dizziness and the Healthcare System

With healthcare being one of the main topics of discussion in the news lately, I thought I would share a few facts about dizziness and balance disorders and what it’s costing our healthcare system.


Falling & the elderly:


  • – Falls in persons over 65 years old is #1 cause of death
  • – 30-40% of community dwelling adults older than 65 fall
  • – A history of gait or balance disorders increase the risk of fall three fold- attributed to 17% of falls
  • – Dizziness or complaints of vertigo account for 13%


  • A study of people 72 and older found that the average health care cost of a fall injury was $19,440 (including hospital, nursing home, emergency room, and home health care, but not doctors’ services) (Rizzo et al. 1998).
  • The total direct cost of all fall injuries for people 65 and older in 2000 was slightly more than $19 billion: $179 million for fatal falls, and $19 billion for nonfatal falls (Stevens et al. 2006).
  • By 2020, the annual direct and indirect cost of fall injuries is expected to reach $43.8 billion (in current dollars) (Englander et al. 1996).