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Parenting While Dizzy

Being dizzy is difficult enough without factoring in supporting and caring for a family. The symptoms of vestibular disorders are not conducive to having children running around or crying babies who need to be picked up. Even a task such as leaning down to pick up a baby could cause severe vertigo attacks to those with vestibular disorders.

Here are some tips to consider to alleviate the added stress of raising children with vestibular disorders:

  • Make sure that you are sitting while holding an infant. People tend to look down at the infant, which can initiate vertigo in some.
  • Join groups to meet other parents. You can form relationships with other parents who can help out during rough days and vice versa – you drive the carpool on those days you feel good, they can take over on the days you don’t.
  • Join a support group. You may meet other parents who are dealing with similar issues or patients who have dealt with vestibular disorders while raising children.
  • Place things around the house conveniently for you to reach. If looking up and down triggers vertigo and dizziness, place things that you use on a consistent basis at eye level (ie. baby bottles, keys).
  • Keep a routine. This way you can figure out what works for you and to filter out what triggers your disorder.